Sudhakar’s Journey and Knowledgeable Advice

Sudhakar‘s Perspective:

During my years as a young adult, I came from India by boat. The boat was from Mumbai, India to Australia to London. I was on the boat for 25 days. It was horrible because nobody talked to me and everyone was very mean. I ended up sleeping outside because the cabinet members would lock the doors to the beds. Later in my life, I came from London to New York by an American ship and unlike the other experience, it was wonderful! All the boys and girls talked to me and I never felt left out. This amazing culture made me love America, so much that it convinced me to stay! There were 2 different cultures at the time, very mean people, and others who were looking to befriend as many people as they could. Now, at age 76, I do not regret my decision at all! The journey was lovely! During my years before seniorhood, I worked until retirement. For my last job, I was assigned quality consulting work and teaching in Marian University in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. I taught many business courses at the university. However, after retirement, some of the current challenges I am facing are technology, health, and financial issues. I wish I knew more about computers and software when I was younger, however, it was non existent! It only came around in the 80s and 90s right? I would like to know how to use computers more effectively as I feel like technology is rapidly changing and too confusing. There is a saying: ‘The more you learn, the more you find, there’s more to learn.’ Even though technology is difficult and certain apps are average and a bit difficult to understand, I use Facebook and Whatsapp regularly! I am kind of comfortable using technology, however, I wish I could know more, as there is still so much to learn. I can get by. Adding new apps is hard, features disappear with updates and it is truly a mystery figuring out how to use these apps. The other two issues I face are the aging process and maintaining financial stability. When you are old, you worry about diseases and getting sick. The main challenge is figuring out how to make myself stay healthy. And how exactly should I manage financial activities? Where should I invest money? How do I make sure that I have enough money and do not run out? Despite this, I am optimistic. I hope that my wife and I will remain in good health! One day, we hope to go around the world and seeing more places, having more activities with family and friends and good weather! I want to learn more languages and tour the world. I would love to meet more people and befriend them! But really, I would not feel this way if it were not for the amazing healthcare of PriyaLiving. Thanks to PriyaLiving, I have learned how to work with people, how to help others, have made new friends, and have obtained more education, as well as a use of new technology. I got to do so many different activities with a group of people and did not ever feel alone. I was able to talk to so many people on a daily basis and most of the people are very friendly. The lessons I hope that adults and children of the new generations will keep in mind as they age are to keep trying new things, taking care of your health, and keep learning. Your health is wealth, and your education is important for creating a better world. Even if you struggle, don’t give up!

SSU Perspective:

After the organization learned of Sudhakar's heartwarming story, we certainly came to realize the blessings that the U.S. bestowed upon its citizens. Unlike many third-world countries that endure corruption, are ravaged by war, and see no end to the restriction of human rights, the U.S. has offered a safe haven for many immigrants seeking to escape from such (problems). In short, we agree with his decision to move to the U.S. - even if it is not a utopia. Despite the fact that we do not know of all the events that transpired during the time Sudhakar moved to America and became a professor, we do know that Sudhakar has expressed his appreciation for his provision of opportunities to young university students. Students and Seniors United would like to acknowledge that technology is a difficult subject of learning for seniors such as Sudhakar since not everyone was prepared to learn such a ever-changing tool being developed in society. For this reason, we encourage seniors to take their time in understanding the basics of everyday technology so they can fully utilize this wonderful gift bestowed onto the world by scientists and engineers. We would also like to inform everyone again that the best solution for curing or minimizing sickness and the chances of bad health is to exercise and eat healthy. If a person can remain active and continue to instill a balanced diet, they will certainly see an improvement in overall well-being. However, in Sudhakar’s scenario of lacking financial aid, Sudhakar says that he has lost nearly everything and is unable to pay for healthcare. Luckily, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is readily available to millions of Americans as they can be protected by affordable, extensive, and quality health insurance. As a result, Sudhakar has full, permanent access to standard healthcare plans with vital health benefits, and is financially protected if he becomes ill. Ultimately, we are happy to hear that PriyaLiving is supplying the support, resources and happiness needed for Sudhakar to enjoy his life to the very fullest. In order to reach his level of success and age, we must consider the personal advice he has entitled us with and always remember that “your health is wealth, and your education is important for creating a better world, and even if you struggle, don’t give up!”


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