Jamnu’s Unique Perspective on Life

Jamnu’s Perspective on Senior Life:

After 49 years in Memphis, Tennessee, designing buildings and structures as an engineer, I am still working. The reason is because technology is amazing! It is something I am taking advantage of since I am still a part time worker. My work comes to me through email and upon completion, I send back the design with my email, send an invoice, and get paid. This is something that would not be possible without technology. I don't login to it everyday, but I do use Facebook and LinkedIn once in a while. Currently, I am 82 years old and undergoing the challenging process of aches and pains that come with old age. I don't want to take any painkillers and be completely hooked on them, as I have heard on the news about how addictive they are. As senior citizens, we live with our pains and have yoga sessions here at our senior center, which helps relieve some of our pain and enables us to obtain the balance that old age seems to numb in our bodies. We don't have the balance in our bodies like young adults. Older people tend to fall and break their bones because they fail to recognize that they don’t have the same balance that they used to and that there is no shame in carrying a cane to help! I wish I knew what I could do as a youngster to prevent all these aches and pains. Some more activities or exercise during my younger age may have delayed these pains and aches. Luckily, I like to go to the senior center over at Santa Clara and swim in their pool. I love this form of exercise because its not that bad on your joints, as you are in the water and your knees and hips are not carrying you. You can walk a mile and do a lot of harm to your knee, but when you swim, you get a lot of exercise and have no strain on your knees, hips or anything. As of right now, my life is pretty great! However, one thing that could make my life more fun and enjoyable is if I could stay where I am in terms of my health condition. If I can stay away from more health problems, I will enjoy my life more. Also, if my wife stays healthy as well, then we can enjoy our old age together over the years and hopefully grow to be as old as time permits us to be. I have one piece of advice for all the youngsters reading this. There will be setbacks, but never let them bother you. Real success in life is not to those who have never had a setback but those who have and have risen and moved ahead in spite of it, making good in their lives. One piece of advice that I believe everyone should know is that hard work pays off. Follow your heart in selecting a career (do not do it for a paycheck), don't let any mishaps or tumbles along the way (including health issues) discourage you from getting up and moving ahead as best as you can.

SSU Perspective:

As we finished interviewing Jamnu, we could not help but admire his diverse lifestyle as he managed to: learn how to maintain a job, exercise actively, and socialize with his community at Priya Living. Although not every person may be able to maintain such a life like Jamnu’s, we encourage everyone to strive towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. The fact that Jamnu has remained resilient at such an age and is still working as an engineer is definitely impressive. Although he could have quietly retired, he is passionate about his career and still contributes to improving society. In addition, we learned that he frequently chooses to spend his time at the senior center partaking in yoga sessions and wading in a pool as a method of exercise. Instead of avoiding physical activities to avoid the pains and aches associated with the aging process, Jamnu found a viable solution to his problem of remaining active. The reason Jamnu has to endure aging pains and aches is due to arthritis, a form or joint pain or disease. According to the Arthritis Foundation, over 50 million adults and 300,000 children in America have a variety of arthritis, and it occurs more often as people age. The best solution for reducing this disease is learning more about arthritis from your doctor and just like Jamnu, choosing to remain active and making better health decisions. Fortunately, Jamnu is happy and lives with a supportive community of seniors at Priya Living, which is why he does not fear the process of aging. Just as Jamnu has said in the interview, it is vital for you to never give up when you run into setbacks, and not to let them “discourage you from getting up and moving ahead as best as you can.”



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