Carlos & His Angle on Life

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the blog! Our organization, Students and Seniors United, is dedicated to solving issues in the senior community and learning from our fellow senior citizens with the help of our own collected research from senior citizens (with both statistical and non-statistical questions), as well as a professor and MD/PhD student from a highly-prestiged medical university. Throughout this blog, you will see life from the perspective of many seniors of different backgrounds, how senior citizens can often be misunderstood, and the differences in their lifestyles, as compared to ours. We will also talk about issues amongst the elderly, and a few health tips for you or your loved ones!

Carlos’ Perspective: “As someone who has just turned 90, I am enjoying life to the fullest. I have done everything I wanted to in life. I just want to keep doing what I’ve been doing for 2 more years. I still have my pilots license – 50 years of flying. Flying is my passion. In fact, I will fly as soon as my hip heals. Personally, I don’t find anything too challenging about aging. Many people don’t want to get old but I just go along with the flow of life and am not so concerned about how old I am. I keep on working (I enjoy what I do) and it keeps me busy as it is time consuming. I like doing it that way rather than going out and sitting in a bar or sleeping in bed all day long. If you don’t do this, you won’t live life to the fullest. You gotta be physical and keep your body going while being mentally strong at the same time. I exercise everyday and have a tricycle here for me. I ride it everyday, rain or shine, and exercise keeps me perfect. Currently, I am a deputy manager here at Priya Living (I clean up, get newspapers ready, unlock doors, talk to everyone about problems and do shopping). All I would like for the rest of my life is to stay healthy and stay away from doctors. They send you to continuous referrals and don’t find anything and the answer is normally something along the lines of: you went there you came back and you found nothing. Insurance companies and medical people just make more money. If I can offer any seniors some simple advice, it would be to just stay healthy, keep exercising/playing sports and get into nice programs that you enjoy. Eat nutritious foods, but don’t ever smoke or drink. Keep yourself healthy and happy! Ride a bike and walk and swim like me everyday! One thing that helps me in my life is having the ability to take care of things when they need to be taken care of. Do not procrastinate, but instead, look for things to do everyday. Tomorrow has its own set of problems, but if you follow this routine everyday, you will sharpen your mind. Don’t put it off, just do it today! Do everything one day at a time. Keep finding problems and keep working. Life will not be boring because each day your problems are different. Find things you like to do and do them!”

SSU Perspective: Carlos, the wonderful senior we have interviewed, has shared his story and experiences to demonstrate that just because he has aged, it does not mean he has become less active or happy. In fact, he is someone who has lived life to the fullest and continues to follow a daily routine in assisting his fellow seniors at Priya Living. Just as Carlos stated, as long as you choose to remain active and healthy everyday, your life will prolong! Moreover, there is significant evidence supporting that many varieties of exercise promote general health and the ability to stay mobile and independent as humans age. Ultimately, the combination of a healthy diet and consistent exercise is the most effective method in preventing the development of diseases and the premature stages of aging. Though it should also be noted that Carlos is fortunate to be in good health to utilize freely accessible exercise equipment, as not everyone lives in a safe or resourceful place to be physically active. If this is the case for anyone and his/her current living conditions, persuade citizens and physicians alike to advocate for more resources to be readily available for elders so they may be able to live as healthily as Carlos does. Although Carlos did state that one must stay away from doctors to ensure they remain healthy, we advise you to listen to your doctors as they are professionals who wish to do what is right for you. Carlos states that seniors should stay away from doctors as they can actually harm you instead of helping you with their endless prescriptions. This is definitely not true as Doctors prescribe medication only when needed. Polypharmacy is the simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat a single ailment or condition. Seeing a doctor for every concern―especially seeing numerous specialists that focus on only a part of your health―rather than seeing your primary care doctor can result in polypharmacy which can harm rather than improve your health. However, this does not necessarily mean you should ignore your doctor’s advice. It’s not the avoiding of doctors that leads to better health–living a better lifestyle allows one to be healthier into later age and thus reduces the need to see doctors and take medications. Everyone should have one primary care doctor who oversees your care as they can determine the necessity of a specialist and his/her advice and how it may conflict with all other health issues one may have. Your primary care doctor is prescribing what is best for you; it is always crucial to follow his/her advice and instructions. But as Carlos previously mentioned, assigning tasks and setting goals for yourself to complete everyday, will keep you occupied and improve your health! Aging can cause many issues with your bones and joints, as well as your mobility and balance. However, continually assigning tasks and setting goals for yourself can keep your body active and prevent or lessen these issues, allowing you to further prolong your life!

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