Students and Seniors United is a 501(c)(3) non-profit STEM organization dedicated to helping seniors through the development of applications, research, and by connecting seniors with teenagers to lessen the issue of social isolation and form bonds that both teens and seniors can learn and grow from.
Currently, members of Students and Seniors United are coordinating with medical professionals and professors to research social isolation amongst the elderly and the role technology plays in the lives of seniors. Amidst the pandemic, we maintain our senior connections through Zoom. Members at SSU are able to communicate with and assist medical professionals and contribute to the goal of improving the overall lifestyle of seniors everywhere.
SSU is split into the four equally important divisions of Research, Coding, Public Relations/Outreach, and Event-Planning. In addition to being involved in a STEM organization, members who attend meetings receive VOLUNTEER HOURS for being involved in the betterment of their community! We also have members that tutor the youth to raise money to donate to seniors in poverty, something which is very important to us at the organization.
Please sign up now under “Get Involved” and join us in making a difference on the community and bridging the gap between teens and seniors!